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Pacific Rim Jaeger poster overload.

4ba86b9 Pacific Rim Jaeger poster overload. It seems Gipsy Danger is not the only one and that there are more…… A lot more. Check it here And we have a new clip for After Earth waiting for you here. Enjoy. A yes I will again mention the Twitter, and something about connect on there aswell ;).   .


First trailer for new Riddick and About Time



Some great news! The long awaited trailer for the new Riddick is here and it came with some great stills and a new poster! Also the trailer About Time a new romcom from the writers of Notting Hill, Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

So boys and girls.. Enjoy Riddick Trailer Here. and About Time Trailer is here.

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New Catching Fire poster and more

70447Good morning. We have some new movie news ready you over at Enigma’s Movies  . A new poster for The Hunger Games Catching Fire and the full trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Movie news round up



Your daily dose of movies news is ready and waiting for you. A clip for M Night Shyamalan’s After Earth. Some trailers for tv shows which air in the Fall, I think you might like to watch.

The lastest on Man of Steel.. an I Frankenstein poster and more… Also there’s a new still for Pacific Rim on our Facebook

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Agents of SHIELD promo and much more


Today Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. promo landed, but that is not the only thing. Talk of a Gremlins reboot/ remake and a lot of  Man of Steel promo’s and other goodies..

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Trailer Time !

527645_600597269968684_1578368776_nI have a few new trailers ready for your pleasure.. The premiere of The World’s End trailerstarring Simon Pegg is here and the first trailer for Ender’s Game have hit the internet… Check them  on my website or if you want to,,, Follow me on Twitter ..   Enjoy!

Casting news and more movie news



A bit of casting new: James Franco on board in Wim Wender’s  new film and other casting news.  Also new stills and a poster for 300 Rise of an Empire.  Read it or follow me on twitter Enigmanr01

Also this will the trailer for Enders Game will hit the intwerwebs!



Man of Steel first track, tv spot Vikings and movie news round up..

540944_349904181722210_1124234240_nWe have some great news and trailer for you today! and the first track for the Man of Steel score by Hans Zimmer. Also a great article on History Channel’s Vikings.  The first trailer for Dean Koontz his Odd Thomas and more.

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Rush Trailer online



Formula 1 racing has millions of fans all over the world. The glitter, glamour, fast cars and beautiful women. Every sunday, from The Netherlands to Qatar, people gather around their TV, wether it be day or night but they have to see the live races.

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Evil Dead and a new vision on horror


The Evil Dead series is known among movie fans whether you liked it or not. It has become one of those eighties cult classics, just like Nightmare on Elmstreet and Childs Play (“I am your friend till the end”). Read the full post on  my new website

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