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Hell On Wheels



Hell On Wheels is a show of which you don’t hear a lot about, so I am taking the liberty of saying that it’s the underdog series of AMC. The series is set in 1865 (season 1) – 1867 (season 3) and is centered around the construction of the First Continental Railroad and its “traveling town” Hell On Wheels.  The main characters are Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), Elan Furgeson (Common), Lily Belle (Dominque McElligot), Thomas Durant ( Colum Meary) and The Swede ( Christopher Heyendahl) who is actually a Norwegain.


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Man of Steel Living poster & Poll.

540944_349904181722210_1124234240_nCheck out this Man of STeel Living Poster on my Facebook Page and while you’re  there I hope you can join our poll on what is the best movie soundtrack/ score of all time. You can add yours if it’s not on the list. I hope you contribute.



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Rush Trailer online



Formula 1 racing has millions of fans all over the world. The glitter, glamour, fast cars and beautiful women. Every sunday, from The Netherlands to Qatar, people gather around their TV, wether it be day or night but they have to see the live races.

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a new home


Dear all. seeing as there is so much to writes on and about movies and tv shows this great hangout has become too small to keep posting entries. Therefor I’ve taken the the step to build a full website. So those of you who follow me on here I hope ou will keep following me on FB (do like)  and visit my website.


I hope to see you on the other side.

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Road to the Oscars prt 8

lesmis poster scifidrive

Tomorrow is the big day, Oscars night! That means we have two more films for you in store, Amour and Les Miserables. This post will be on the latter.

Les Miserables a novel by Victor Hugo first published in 1862. In 1980 the musical was acted out on stage. This time the musical is acted out on the big screen with an all star cast; Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.

The film tells the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who becomes mayor of a town in France. Soon exposed, Valjean agrees to take care of Cosette, the illegitimate daughter of the dying Fantine, but as a fugitive must also avoid being captured again by police inspector Javert. The plot spans 17 years and is set against a backdrop of political turmoil, which in the film culminates in the June Rebellion of France.

It has already won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Jackman and the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for Hathaway. It has also wonfour BAFTA Awards, including the Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Hathaway).

The part of Hugh Jackman is done great, funny to see him without his Wolverine claws. Russel Crowes acting is great too. The thing about this film is that both actors, who have a great reputation and a list of fantastic films, this time do something different. Hearing Crowe or Jackman sing is interesting.

But if I compare this to, Chicago or Moulin Rouge Les Miserables is slow, expcet for the scene in the tarven with Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. That is great and funny, but than again both of them can do scenes like this like no other.

This adaption of Les Miserables is visually stunning, the décors are great and something you will never see in a theatre.Together with this all star cast it is a great adition to the musical adaption.

Les Miserables is nominated for:Best Picture, Best Actor (Jackman), Best Supporting Actress for (Hathaway).




And the trailer.

Road to the Oscars prt 3


In our road to the Oscars, Django Unchained, the new film by Quentin Tarantino. To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with him and his films. The first I saw of him ( as a writer) was True Romance, which was incredibly good. Walken and Hopper’s scene by the train tracks, became an instant classic. Tarantino’s list of hits continues over 2 decades and incluedes movies such as: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction etc. He tried to horror flicks, but really Hostel and prt 2, no my cup of tea even though I like horror a lot. What bothers me about his way of film making that in beginning he was new, fresh and now it more of the same. Untill he came back with Inglorious Bastards in 2009. Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz and great actors and they made the film for what is.

So now we have Django, a movie set 1858 a few years before the US Civil War. Former dentist, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), “buys” (depends on ones defenition of buying) the freedom of a slave, Django (Jamie Foxx). He needs him to find the Brittle Bothers since they are wanted by the law. King is no mere dentist but also a Bounty Hunter, which is a more lucrative business. During their time hunting the brother King grows fond of Django and trains him with the intent to make him his deputy bounty hunter. Django and King make a deal, which inlcudes getting Django’s wife back from a ruthless plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

It’s been a while since a western hit the cinemas,  True Grit, 2010, was the last one. It seems the genre is less popular than in the day of John Wayne. Django is a great addition to it. It has a classic western look and atmosphere, and on the other side it is deffinatly a Tarantino film. Again he’s he trying out the “cheep” b-film look, from the opening sequence untill the end credits, and this time it works.  Christoph Waltz is at his best, better than in Bastards. Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting is sublime. I’ve seen most of  his films and it doesn’t matter what film he is in, he delivers! And that is why Django is great to watch. The onscreen magic between these men is absolutly fantastic. Together with Taratino’s love for filmmaking is what makes this a great film. Oscar worthy? Maybe, but a well deserverd nomination.

Django Unchained is now is cinemas and is nominated for: Best Picture, Cinematography, Sound Editing, Original Screenplay and Actor in a Suporting Role (Christoph Waltz)



And the trailer of course.

We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron.

A few days ago some news on Transformers 4 was published… TF4 will have dfifferent robots. What does this mean.. No more Optimus Prime?  Megatron was already out opf the picture since he died in the last installment. But Optiumus , I am sorry to see him go. As a kid he was one of my favorite Autobot toys/character. So why this change? Hasbro appearently did make enough on the merchandising so they think it is time to “refresh” the Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron. So who will they pick for their up coming installment. Let’s have a look what choice there are.

For starters there are the Dinobots, who I really  hope will be in TF4, because I thought they were missing from the other three parts.

Dinobots… Grimlock – The team leader, transforms into a Tyrannosaurus rex.  Slag – The second-in-command, transforms into a Triceratops. Sludge – Transforms into an Apatosaurus.Snarl – Transforms into a Stegosaurus.  Swoop – Transforms into a Pteranodon. and Paddles – Transforms into a Elasmosaurus. They were not created on Earth, but are Cybertronian Autobots and function as an Autobot elite special ops team under the direct command of Grimlock.

The new leader, well if they boot Optimus Prime, next in line will Rodimus formerly known as Hot Rod, who in the animated film from 1986, became the Autobot leader after Optimus died.

Also Omega Supreme can be called upon. He is the Autobots last line of defence against the Decepticons. He is one of the most powerfull Autobts next to Grimlock. Omega can split his body into three parts: 1- his body becomes a laser cannon tank, which acts as perimeter patrol for 2: the rocket base formed by his legs and backpack, which  is in turn capable of launching his third component, a rocket formed from his arms, into planetary orbit.

Well so far  a few suggestions for new Autobots, but lets have a look at what new Decepitcons they can use. First up are the Quintessons. Sinister robotic creatures with five sided heads, each side with a different face, including the face of death the others are, War, Wrath, Wisdom and Judgement. Quintessons are the creators of all the Transformers on Cybertron millions of years ago. After a rebellion the Autobots drove them from Cybertron to a planet they called Quintessa, which they  blew up at a later stage to try to prevent Autobot captives and invaders from escaping. So one can consider them a fine spieces of robots.

Ofcourse they should consider bringing Galvatron to the big screen. The new leader of the Decipticons after Megatron dies. Apparently there’s much debate on if the two are the same. But to my knowledge from the animated series from the 80’s Galvatron is a diffenrent robot who is even more without scruples than Megatron. His folowing is no less different. They  all would be a welcome to the new robots Hasbro wants Bay to introduce.

Aother new suggestion for new Robots could be: Ultra Magnus, Kupp, Blurr, Astrotrain, Cyclonus, Scourge, The Insecticons, Predacons etc. So there is plenty to choose from. But the question is what does Hasbro want. If they continue down the path with what they did to Battleship, the new Transformers movie will not cut it. Fans expect a good story , a good “human” cast and a film worthy to the Transformers “themselves”. It is early to say anything usefull about the up coming installment, since it will not be released untill 2014, but hopefully time will tell.

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