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To sequel or not…


Randy: Stab 2? Who would wanna do that? Sequels suck! Oh please, please! By definition alone, sequels are inferior films!
Mickey: It’s bullshit generalization. Many sequels have surpassed their originals.

This is a quote from Scream 2 and a great opening for this entry which I wanted to write for a while and re-wrote a few times cause it’s a good discussion, but one that needs considerable thought. Sequels most movies have them. Most great film studio stay on the familiar path, simply because it’s easy money, and if the sequel is received good, heck, let’s do a third. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones. But things go bump in the night, from time to time. Not all movie need it sequels, because the first part already s€&@$£. Sister act is a great example of a bad first, why they did a 2 is beyond me and even a musical.Most first movies are great but then they try and redo all in a second installment. Take for instance Ghostbusters (1984) was great , part 2 entertaining but not as great as the original. The same goes for Gremlins (1984). The original was fantastic! 20 Years after the movie is still great. But prt 2, well we could do without. It had some funny moments but again the first one can’t be beat.

A few weeks ago I read a rumor that WarnerBros has plans/ideas of remaking Gremlims…. I understand it’s outdated but if they would do a remake we probably get a CGI Gizmo(who would want that?. Like Yoda. In Empire and ROTJ he’s was a puppet, and besides his funny way of speaking, that was so loved about him. The CGI version in the prequels, was not Yoda. He was too shiny, I mean too animated instead of the awesome puppet.

yodaYoda as we love him.

But we’re wondering of, back to the sequels. Sometimes I really wonder why? But the thing is, most memorable films have a part 2 ,3 or 4. Think of a great movie and bet you, it has a sequel or is part of a trilogy. Are we as moviegoers so easily entertained? If we look at the classics like Citizen Kane, Casablanca, High Noon, To Catch a Thief, White Heat, hits in their time and no sequels. But back than very few sequels were made.

So are sequels inferior to the original? I think that question will always remain open for debate, as long as, we, the public love it, then why should the studio’s change. How far will they go making sequels, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, basically blasphemy. The last installments of the Die Hard franchise and Resident Evil, both were bad but still they’re thinking of doing a part 6. Actually Resident Evil already has a release date.

And with that said, here are a few trailers of great sequels:


28 Weeks Later

The Color of Money

The Dark Knight

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Indiana Jones and the LAst Crusade

Die Hard 2 (Die Harder)

What is your favorite sequel?


Mark Hamill talks Star Wars eps VII.‏

Star wars logo

It seems that not a week goes by that we’re not getting any new info or news on Star Wars, which already seems its going to be the most highly anticipated movie for the coming years.

First off, will he appear in Star Wars VII? “They’re talking to us,” he reveals. “George [Lucas] wanted to know whether we’d be interested. He did say that if we didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t cast another actor in our parts – they would write us out. … I can tell you right away that we haven’t signed any contracts.”

How would Luke Skywalker fit into the new movie, “I’m assuming, because I haven’t talked to the writers, that these movies would be about our offspring — like my character would be sort of in the Obi-Wan range [as] an influential character. ….'”

Here’ s a magic word “offspring”….It sounds plausible and makes a good story arc for eps VII , VIII and IX … Focus on Han and Leia’s kids (Jacen, Jaini and Aniken) and Luke and Mara Jade skywalker son Ben, who is thought in the ways of the Jedi by Jacen Solo, his cousin. As for Hamill’s thoughts on Luke as an Obi Wan this fits right in because Luke take Jacen as his apprentice.

The offspring arc could bring back the original cast.

Hamill concludes of the next movie, “I hope they find the right balance of CGI with practical effects. I love props, I love models, miniatures, matte paintings — I’m sort of old school. I think if you go too far in the direction of CGI it winds up looking like just a giant a video game, and that’s unfortunate. … If they listen to me at all, it’ll be, ‘Lighten up and go retro with the way it looks.'”

We agree less CGI and try and bring back the magic of the original trilogy.



Mark Hamill’s new movie Sushi Girl hits DVD and Blu-ray this week

Read the full interview on ETonline

Star Wars and Disney .. New film set 2015

So my first post on Star Wars. I have always wanted to write about Star Wars since I am a huge fan of the original Trilogy. They are my all time favorite films and a have seen them too many times and still there great to watch. But yesterday the news came that Disney has bought Lucasarts Ltd and that a new film is set for 2015. The fan community was shocked and a wave of comments followed:

“So it’s true… I’ve felt a sudden disturbance in the force…”

” I’m not sure Disney are the right people to carry on these films, but the can’t be any worse than episodes 1,2 and 3. Lets just hope Hayden Christensen isn’t involved, shockingly bad acting.”

“Congratulations to George for today’s mega-deal! Can’t comment on Ep 7 before I have all the facts which are short supply right now-Patience – Mark Hamill”

“A lot of people asking me what I think of the Star Wars – Disney news. I was surprised at first, but I think I’m ok with it now (superfan’s) Eliot Sirota”.

I was shocked too, my first thought  was “Nooooooooooo”. But than I got me thinking. Why not Disney? I mean they did a good job on the Iron Man Trilogy and  The Avengers. The take over does have great prospects to all Star Wars fans out there.

Why am I saying this, well let me explain. Star Wars has such an expanded univers with infinte possiblities. First of all there are the books that came out after the original trilogy. Secondly George Lucas wrote stories for nine films and third the spinoffs e.g. standalone film about Boba Fett, which fans would love to see.

Another plus that Dinsey has take over is that other producers and director can now get to work on Star Wars. Nolan for instance did a great job on Batman if he could get cracking on Star Wars that could be interesting to see. Bruckheimer or Bay on other hand should never get involved in the Star Wars franchise (this is my onwn opinion). I meaan they make great films but this is not their cup of tea.

Josh Wendon is someone I’d like to see to do a Star Wars film, Serenity and Firefly are great so was The Avengers,  imagen what he can do with Star Wars.

There are great opertunities ahead now that the fresh minds can get cracking at the new film which is set for 2015, all we can do as fans is to sit down and wait it out, but I have great convindence ( after the initail shock) that Disney will reamain true to the very big Star Wars fan base, may be even Mara Jade Skywalker can finally come to life on the Big screen.

Seeing as Disney is also working on the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series this also might happen to the already writen and long awaited Star Wars Live Action TV series, Star Wars: Underworld. “They take place between Episode III and Episode IV, that 20-year period when Luke is growing up. It’s not about Luke, but it’s about that period when the Empire is trying to take things [over].”

Rick McCallum on Star Wars : Underworld

George Lucus on the Dinsey take over.

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