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Month: November, 2013

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Sweepstake!



The Hunger Games Catching Fire will hit the cinemas this week! and to celebrate that we have a nice sweepstake ready for you, with some great prizes to give away.
Just answer this simple question: What is the “Quarter Quell” . What does mean? ( It’s marking….) And how often does it occur? 
Answer on the Facebook comments section here From all correct answers 3 winners will be picked! ( Prizes are made available by Independent Films) Don’t forget to follow on Twitter or Like us on Facebook
Now what are the prizes: Hunger Games Bracelets, MockingJay keychain and a set of magnets to put on, lets say, your fridge..


Hell On Wheels



Hell On Wheels is a show of which you don’t hear a lot about, so I am taking the liberty of saying that it’s the underdog series of AMC. The series is set in 1865 (season 1) – 1867 (season 3) and is centered around the construction of the First Continental Railroad and its “traveling town” Hell On Wheels.  The main characters are Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount), Elan Furgeson (Common), Lily Belle (Dominque McElligot), Thomas Durant ( Colum Meary) and The Swede ( Christopher Heyendahl) who is actually a Norwegain.


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