Game of Thrones and nudity

by enigmasmovies


A news item on Game of Thrones is blown out proportion, or at least I think so. One of the actresses (Oona Chaplin) said that the following: “One of the girls in the show who got her kit off the most in the first couple of seasons now doesn’t at all because she said, ‘I want to be known for my acting not for my breasts. ”.  Who she is talking about is open for speculation but apperently fans of the show refer to Emilia Clarke. Why this is mentioned by her co-star and in what context this come up in left out, and to me that seems like bad journalism. Just picking out a piece of an interview with out the background story, well I don’t know. But it made me think.

The fact of the matter is that the nude scenes don’t effect the show, it problably gets more viewers, but for the main story it has no relevance what so ever, frankly I don’t even notice it that much and this were this dicussion take a turn. Are we a society so messed up that we are used to all this nudity and excess bloodshed. Take a look at Rome Season 1 episode 1 or the Spartacus tv series. The whole show is sex and violence. I mean I like a beautiful naked woman, like the next guy but it seems to me that in these shows it is just that, and the main story of the slave army rising is just a filling. I actually wonder what they would be with the sex?

Back to Game of Thrones, if one of the actresses say she has had enough of nude scenes that is her good right, I say. I mean who are we to go and say: ‘You’ve done it before so stop complaining, and just take of that dress, because you’ve done it before”. (I’ve actually heard this comment today). Than I am thinking that this world is really getting messed up.

Is the actresses in this matter is done with the nudity of her character we should respect that, cause again, it doesn’t add extra to the show. The story is comlex as it is, with all the characters i, that some don’t return for 1-or 2 episodes.. Take Vikings, one hell of show, violent, dark but no nudity, or hardly . Yes a woman bare ass and back, but not full frontal.

Does a tv show need to have the nudity and all the excess bloodshed to be a good show? No, Dr Who is good show and has nothing of the sort, simply because it’s wel written, and the actors choosen are great. Same goes for Vikings, great show great acting a. Game Of Thrones is a great show too and yes it has a lot of nudity, it is actually less in the books. So sex still sells, nut if one of the actresses say “I’ve had enough” than we need to except it, even if she been nude on the show before.

Now that this discission is out in the open it looks to me that our societyis degraded, and sex and violence is something we we do take for granted, whilst it shouldn’t be. Come think of it, it is a distrubing thought that some tend to think this way and turn it into a news items and react in shock and awe.

I say, just enjoy the show.

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