by enigmasmovies

Expendables 2 is now playing at the movies, and I saw it and loved it. The whole movie is full of one liners and teh cast is making fun of their own movie past. Chcuk Norris making upp his own Chuck Norris facts, Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps on quoting “I’ll be back”

Trench: I’ll be back.
Church: You’ve been back enough. I’ll be back.
Trench: Yippee-ki-yay

A must see for action fans anyway back to the topic. Simon West now has the idea of a female version of The Expendables and as you might heard/ read it’s  buzzing like crazy on the internet. Who should star in it, what would the plot line be. The Expendables are “old” men by now and were big stars in the action genre. Which “older” women do we know that have past in the action genre? I’ve come up with the following.

Jamie Lee Curtis. For her parts in Halloween, Blue Steel, True Lies and the classic Escape from New York.

Sigourney Weaver should be in that film too. Her part as Ripley in the Alien installments was great! Just for playing this part gets her in the movie!

There is of course Linda “Terminator” Hamliton. After starring in two Terminator movies she has not done anything in the movies that is note worthy, but hé Terminator, what need I say more.

Birgitte Nielsen, yes she too should be on the roll call.. As a hero or villain? What say you?

I think that is it for the “older” ladies and my it’s getting hard to think  about who to pick for female actions stars since there are more on the TV but not as much in the movies. Kate Beckensale, Angelina Jolie, Summer Glau, Jennifer Garner, Michelle Rodriguez and one more should defiantly be in there.

Alice aka Milla Jovovich .. She know the tricks on how to make action movies, is a very good actress and gorgous to watch. So I don’t see any reason why she should not star in Expendabellas ..

So this is my list of favorite actresses who I think should be in a movie if Expendabellas is to be shot… Feel free to comment on who you think should be on that list.

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